About us

General Practitioners’ association – Greater Bombay is the largest such organization in India. It has a membership of more than 4000 members. It has been on the forefront of General Practitioners’ knowledge up-gradation , bringing together family physicians under one roof for their various activities. It also runs a social security system for the benefit of its members.

Goals of GPA – Greater Bombay:
1. C.M.E. Programme & Symposia and annual conference.
2. A bulletin published each month.
3. Community Welfare Programme.
4. Cultural activities – Entertainment Programme.
5. Sports activities.
6. Social Security system.

G.P.A. – Greater Bombay members enjoy the following privileges:
1. Become automatic member of FFPAI of India.
2. Can participate in all CME programmes being arranged throughout the year in major
3. Can attend annual conference.
4. Can present scientific paper at the conference.
5. Can join family security scheme of federation of Family Physicians’ Association of India
6. Can participate in cultural and social events arranged every year.
7. Can participate in sports activities.
8. Free guidance on preparation of scientific papers.
9. Monthly Bulletin. 


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